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Mischief Making Ideas

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Easter Fun!


Looking for some Peepin' fun? Tune into SA Live this Wednesday, April 13th where we'll be sharing some fun games and ideas to add comedy to your Easter this year!
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Looking for a fun, less messy way to dye eggs? This is our favorite way! And they turn out beautiful! Wrap your eggs in a paper towel with a rubber band. Put drops of food coloring on the paper towel. Then spray then egg with rubbing alcohol. Let them sit and dry overnight, then open up to find gorgeous colors and patterns! 

Printable Basket Scavenger Hunt Clues!

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Summer Time Fun

Is there anything more fun and refreshing than popsicles on a hot day? How about eating them for breakfast?! And Moms, how about sneaking in veggies? Try out combos below. Pineapple/Mango is a family favorite over here!


Do you love Skee Ball? How about making it at home? All you need is some laundry baskets, plastic balls and a cardboard box.


Spring Break Ideas!

DIY Geodes, bubble art and dirt dessert are available in our newsletter. Signing up is free! Fill out the form on our home page. Here's the Neighborhood Walk BINGO Card we shared! Enjoy!






1. Lessons in kindness: mail a hug with a kind note to a friend or loved one, pack lunches for the homeless.

2. Drive-in movie night, complete with homemade box cars and a popcorn bar.

3. Go for a local hike and bring along a zip lock bag and masking tape. Find treasures along the hike then turn them into a craft when you get home.

4. Inventor's Afternoon. Find random things from throughout the house, grab glue and tape and let your little ones create. Our first Official Mischief Makers Book Club Newsletter goes out March 21st and will include directions to build your own bone launcher. Get signed up today!

Happy Mischief Making!

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