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Finally! A book for children who learn differently!
It's the first day of second grade for The Banks boys at McAndrew School, and they're excited. When they sit down for story time with their new classmates, they get distracted by a boy named Rory, who keeps wiggling and speaking out of turn. At lunch the boys decide to ask Rory why he was acting out in class. Instead of being embarrassed, Rory chooses to speak up for himself and share about his ADHD. He explains to his peers why he sometimes behaves the way he does. His bravery in sharing helps the class understand and develop empathy, and it also gives others the confidence to share about their own differences like Dyslexia, Anxiety, Tourette's Syndrome, Mood Disorders, Processing Disorders, and more. From tics to hating green beans and allergies, the kids realize they're all different, and that's awesome!
This book levels the playground playing field for all kids, including those with learning differences who are often quite bright, yet misunderstood

The Mischief Makers Learn Differences are Awesome

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